Meet your new creative team

Ingrid Jones

Executive / Editorial Director

As one of the founders of Mikateko Media, Ingrid is responsible for editorial and publishing management. She is a creative dynamite in the South African publishing industry. Editor, undercover events planner, single malt lover, writer, undiscovered trend predictor, wife, mother, mentor and fiercely loyal to all things South African.

Desiree Johnson

Executive / Managing Director
Desiree Johnson founded Mikateko Media with Ingrid, and takes responsibility for business and financial management, and sales. She is a seasoned campaigner in the publishing industry.

Her work experience spans from media buying, ad sales, brokerage services, publishing business manager and leading a group of crazy creatives.

Candice Landie

General Manager – Johannesburg
Candice Landie joined Mikateko Media’s Cape Town office as editorial manager. She now heads up the Johannesburg office.

Nick Armstrong

Advertising Sales Manager
As an advertising sales manager, Nick’s focus is sales and building relationships with our clients.

He’s also the office socialite; no wonder his favourite word is “Party”. Apart from South Africa’s natural beauty and splendour, he loves the fact that we are able to pull through as a nation even in the darkest of times.

Merle Philander

Advertising Sales Manager
Merle constantly strives for excellence. Her focus is building great and long-term customer relationships. When she is not at work, she loves relaxing with family and friends over a good meal. She is a sucker for a good cup of coffee. She loves Cape Town’s breathtaking beauty, the mountains, the sea and the city’s wonderful people.

Sive Booi

Production Management, Client Liaison and New Business
Sive is a multitasking master. His work includes budget management, procurement, print, distribution management and keeping the balls rolling.

His favourite word is “Inspire”. He appreciates South Africa’s diversity and all the endless possibilities the country offers.

Liam Marinus

Print, distribution and sales
Fun, inquisitive and caring, but not a afraid to face the serious side of life. Liam shifts into a next gear when it comes to problem solving, logistics and sales. For him, Mikateko, is as much a company that strives to deliver the best work, as it is a safe space to be yourself. What does he love about South Africa? All the people that I love, are all here.

Alicia English

Alicia is an editor at Mikateko. She is a people-centric person who believes in keeping things real. For her at Mikateko, there is no room for complacency. She is able to apply her skills and talents, and serve the company in a way that impacts her colleagues, clients and readers. What does she love most about South Africa? The tenacity and generous spirit of its people.

Candice Martin

Office Manager / Mango Juice Production
Candice is a family-orientated person who loves to eat good food, watch movies, read books, be organised and indulge on that piece of cake. Her knack with organisation, systems and processes makes her unmissable at Mikateko. When she is not at work, she loves spending quality time with her child and catching up on some reading when I get a chance.

What does she love about South Africa? The picturesque beauty that no other country can offer and how we can all stand together for a common cause.

Lynn Adams

Advertising Sales
Lynn is part of the Sales team. Her favourite word is Phenomenal. Which fits well with her approach to life. She loves travelling, good food and great company. At Mikateko each day represents for her a new challenge and opportunity. What does she love most about South Africa? Our diverse culture, rich heritage and beautiful landscapes.

Yonga Balfour

Editorial and Advertising Assistant
Yonga is a hard working team member who does not stand back for a challenge. Adaptable and a fast learner that eats pressure situations for breakfast. When she is not grinding it at his desk, she loves cooking, catching up on social media and lost sleep. What does she love most about South Africa? Our country’s diversity.