Pump Pages

Description: Glossy A4 internal magazine for Engen Forecourt staff
Frequency: Quarterly
Demographics: Petrol attendants and cashiers
Print run & circulation: 35 000

Pump Pages is a colleague-centric internal communications magazine that celebrates Engen staff. It is a quarterly publication aimed at, primarily, pump attendants and QuickShop staff.

Pump Pages aims to add value to each area of the reader’s life, thus freeing them up to bring their best selves to work. How do we do this? Through editorial and design that provides a road map to a better life; whose content is educational and empowering, and layouts that are inspiring.

Above all, Pump Pages uses content to drive staff from being content employees to thriving employees – reinforcing the message that with Engen they are #1. The publication covers lifestyle topics ranging from corporate news and people stories, to personal finance, health, parenting, food and sport.

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